European Centre for Clinical Research training (ECCRT)

Association ID: BeCRO
Country: Belgium
Address: Cantersteen 47 - 1000 Brussels
Website: https://www.eccrt.com

Company details


Member of a EUCROF member association

Core business

Training, Consulting

Headcount in the concerned country


Services provided by the CRO

Training & Coaching,Training services

Areas of expertise

Drug,Medical Device

Geographical coverage


Other certification(s) and accreditation(s)

Qfor - KMO Portefeuille - Cheque Formation


Main contact

Benedikt Van Nieuwenhove - benedikt@eccrt.com

Backup contact

Wannes Van den Boeck - wannes@eccrt.com

Contact for commercial inquiries

Benedikt Van Nieuwenhove - benedikt@eccrt.com
Andre Soares Fernandes - andre@eccrt.com

Contact for partnering inquiries

Benedikt Van Nieuwenhove - benedikt@eccrt.com
Christophe Golenvaux - christophe@eccrt.com