CTC North GmbH and Co. KG

Association ID: BVMA e.V.
Country: Germany
Address: Martinistrasse 64, 20251 Hamburg, Germany
Website: www.ctc-north.com

Company details


Member of a EUCROF member association

Core business

Phase I Clinical Studies, Clinical Tral Management for IITs and Phase II / III Studies

Headcount in the concerned country


Services provided by the CRO

Call Center,Clinical Monitoring,Data Management,eCRF & other eTools,Patient recruitment,Pharmacovigilance,Phase I unit,Project Management,Regulatory Affairs,Training & Coaching,Vendor Management

Experience in

Ph I clinical trials,Ph II clinical trials,Ph III clinical trials,Ph IV /NIS,Registries

Therapeutic areas of expertise

Oncology,Haematology,Cardiovascular Diseases,Metabolic Diseases,Central Nervous System (CNS) Disorders,Respiratory,Diabetes / Endocrinology,Infectious Diseases,Rheumatology,Immunology,Regenerative Medicine,Women’s health

Areas of expertise

Drug,Medical Device,Diagnostics,ATMP,Biosimilar /Bioequivalent

Geographical coverage


Other certification(s) and accreditation(s)

ISO 9001:2015


Main contact

Ralf Freese

Backup contact

Claus Hemker

Contact for commercial inquiries

Claus Hemker

Contact for partnering inquiries

Ralf Freese