SMO-Pharmina LTD

Association ID: associate-member-internal
Country: Georgia
Address: 6g, Politkovskaya str., Tbilisi, 0186, Georgia
Website: https://smo-pharmina.net/

Company details


Associate Member

Services provided by the CRO

Auditing,Clinical Monitoring,Clinical Trial Supply Services,IMP Manufacturing / Packaging / Storage,Investigator Network,Laboratory,Legal Representation,Logistics & Transport,Medical Advising,Project Management,Regulatory Affairs,Training & Coaching,Translation,Vendor Management

Experience in

Ph I clinical trials,Ph II clinical trials,Ph III clinical trials,Ph IV /NIS

Therapeutic areas of expertise

Oncology,Haematology,Cardiovascular Diseases,Central Nervous System (CNS) Disorders,Respiratory,Diabetes / Endocrinology,Infectious Diseases,Rheumatology,Immunology,Rare Diseases,Paediatrics,Women’s health

Areas of expertise

Drug,Medical Device,Biosimilar /Bioequivalent

Geographical coverage


Other certification(s) and accreditation(s)

ISO 9001:2015

New service(s) offered by the CRO



Main contact

Nino Shavdia
tel: +995599551705
email: ninoshavdia@smo-pharmina.net

Backup contact

Maria Tabagari
tel: +995599905754
email: mtabagari@smo-pharmina.net

Contact for commercial inquiries

Maria Tabagari
tel: +995599905754
email: mtabagari@smo-pharmina.net; info@smo-pharmina.net

Contact for partnering inquiriest

Nino Shavdia
tel: +995599551705
email: ninoshavdia@smo-pharmina.net