Creative Pharma & HR Services S.M.S.A.

Association ID: HACRO
Country: Greece
Address: 15232 Halandri, Athens, Greece
Website: https://www.creativephs.com/en/home

Company details


Member of a EUCROF member association

Core business

European, Full Service CRO: Medical, Clinical, Regulatory, Vigilance, Quality Assurance, Human Resources

Headcount in the concerned country


Services provided by the CRO

Auditing,Clinical Monitoring,Data Management,eCRF & other eTools,Investigator Network,Medical Advising,Medical Writing,Meeting & Event organisation,Patient recruitment,People selection & Placement,Pharmacovigilance,Project Management,Regulatory Affairs,Statistics,Training & Coaching,Translation,Vendor Management

Experience in

Ph II clinical trials,Ph III clinical trials

Therapeutic areas of expertise

Oncology,Haematology,Cardiovascular Diseases,Metabolic Diseases,Central Nervous System (CNS) Disorders,Respiratory,Diabetes / Endocrinology,Infectious Diseases,Ophthalmology,Rheumatology,Immunology,Rare Diseases,Paediatrics

Areas of expertise

Drug,Medical Device

Geographical coverage


Other certification(s) and accreditation(s)

GDPR:2016/679, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013


Main contact

Maria Mitropoulou, CEO

Backup contact

Katerina Bouza, COO

Contact for commercial inquiries

Maria Mitropoulou, CEO
Katerina Bouza, COO

Contact for partnering inquiriest

Maria Mitropoulou, CEO
Katerina Bouza, COO