EVAMED - Clinical Evaluation of Medical Devices

Association ID: AFCROS
Country: France
Address: 1240 rue Léon Foucault 14200 HEROUVILLE SAINT CLAIR - FRANCE
Website: http://www.evamed.fr

Company details


Member of a EUCROF member association

Core business

Clinical studies for medical devices

Headcount in the concerned country


Services provided by the CRO

Clinical Monitoring,Data Management,eCRF & other eTools,Medical Writing,Project Management,Regulatory Affairs,Statistics

Experience in

Ph III clinical trials,Ph IV /NIS

Therapeutic areas of expertise

Cardiovascular Diseases,Respiratory,Ophthalmology,Rheumatology

Areas of expertise

Medical Device

Geographical coverage


Other certification(s) and accreditation(s)

ISO 9001

New service(s) offered by the CRO

Clinical Evaluation Reports ; ISO 14155:2020 ; ePRO ;


Main contact

Fabien Leclercq - CEO - fabien.leclercq@evamed.fr

Backup contact


Contact for commercial inquiries

Babette Makpangou - babette.makpangou@evamed.fr

Contact for partnering inquiriest

Fabien Leclercq - CEO - fabien.leclercq@evamed.fr